Technical Design and Production

The Technical Design and Production class or “tech crew” as it’s known on campus, provides pre-professional training for students interested in live entertainment. The class focuses on four core areas, audio, lighting, scenery, and production management. Students will be taught proper usage of power tools, building techniques, proper usage of lighting and sound equipment, and various other production related skills.

 Students will also have the opportunity to work any production CVCHS puts on including rallies, sporting events, drama productions, etc. This class gives opportunities for internships off campus with various theatre companies and elementary/middle schools. Students will be expected to maintain a 2.5 GPA and be “in good standing” on the campus. Class acceptance is based on interviews. No past experience in theatre or live entertainment is needed!  There is a requirement of 100hrs per semester for this class. Students will have plenty of opportunities to receive hours. 

For More Information about TDAP please feel free to reach out to Sunny Shergill Technical Theatre Director by clicking the below Contact button

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