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CVCHS offers 3 levels of Drama Classes.


Please note you DO NOT have to be a Drama student in order to audition for our Plays or Musicals!

CAA Drama 1

-Students are introduced to improvisation, mime, acting techniques, scoring of a role, and the analysis of the structure of scene and play. Students may create an original adaptation of a work from another

medium as well as original scripts for both stage and video. Attention will be paid to acting for the camera as well as for the stage. Students will write, plan, direct, act in, film, and edit original ideas in

video and live formats. Students will also investigate all aspects of design and tech as well as historical,social, and psychological areas of drama. Students will be required to get out and see theatre as well as film and video

CAA Drama 2

-In depth study of drama, acting theory, theatre history, directing, and reader theatre will be emphasized. Specific stylistic periods of drama will be addressed, as well as specific scene study techniques in improv, mime, comedy and drama. Students will participate in live productions, video and radio productions as well as exploring the technical aspects of story boarding, script-writing, editing, etc.

Students will also write an original script and see one production a quarter

CAA Drama 3 Troupe

-Students continue with project-oriented explorations in acting, directing, producing, and musical theatre.

The CAA Troupe is designed as an elite advanced performance group.

For More Information about our Drama Classes, our audition information please feel free to reach out to Elizabeth Emigh by clicking the below Contact Button 

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